How It Works…

How to Beat Of The Week…

Step 1.

We gather 3 beats for your consideration and spin The Wheel to randomly select one beat.

Step 2.

Then, eligible artists have 1 hour to write a 12-16 bar verse to perform.

Step 3.

All artists who complete the task within the time frame get to participate in the live event. Real people watching the event – live – will get to vote on who they think are the best artists of the night based on 3 criteria.

  1. Style – Do they have the star quality?
  2. Content – Do they say the right stuff?
  3. Delivery – Do they sound like they’re performing well?

Step 4.

When the LIVE stream ends we tally the ratings and reveal the top 3 artists. One Wins a belt. And then we get to work creating a song out of the madness that you’ve created.

Step 5.

Record the verses.

Step 6.

Shoot a music video.

Step 7.

Go To Bed.

Sound like fun?